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"The Universe"—my catchall for unexplainable, kismet, six-degrees-of-separation, life-lessons-learned, Morpheus' "…what happened, happened and couldn't have happened any other way" things.

In a previous blog, I went into detail about the word "Esheshaway"—where I first heard it, how it affected me, and how it made its way into our latest single Lay Down My Heart (Song).

In a nutshell: Six years ago on a majestic and spiritual writing retreat, at 10,000 feet up with a panoramic view of The Pinnacles, Yellowstone and Grand Teton, I became a "sister" of the "summer clans" who was "blessed at the fire"—bonfire beneath ceremonial full moon blessing—by a bona fide "Generational Medicine Woman" who spoke, chanted, ultimately introduced "esheshaway," a "holy word" to encourage me "to release, to bind, to send directly (anything—feeling, praise, need, prayer) to The Great Spirit.”

That was in Wyoming—Wyo-ming. SIX years ago in Wyo-ming. "Esheshaway" was written (with GMW's permission/blessing, of course) into Lay Down My Heart (Song) ONE year ago, on the heels of, and inspired by, our midwife-assisted (a 'medicine woman' in her own right) and extraordinary home birth in 20-ONESIX. Yep, 2016.

The url, randomly assigned by YouTube, to Lay Down My Heart (Song) ends in "Wyo"— be exact. And look at that juicy, full-figured "E" ("Esheshaway") at the start—E…Wyo!

Heck, yeah, I'm thrilled with the new single, the new video!…

But the larger picture is "Wyo". So many good and essential things came out of that writing retreat in Wyo(ming)—reflection, clarity, relationships, inspiration, and ultimately direction. I brought in that new year (Jan. 2012) atop the mountain in Wyo, full moon "esheshaway" blessing and all, and ended that year (Dec. 2012) saying "yes" to a man and an experience (that I never thought I wanted, that was never part of my "five-year plan"—in any year!) that will forever be the cornerstone of my life—motherhood, wife, family, everything I never dreamed of.
Not to rip off Harley LeBeau…but I wrote her (The Boots My Mother Gave Me © 2010) and my life is eerily imitating my "art" that was initially imitating life!…so I'm going to: "Sometimes the life you end up living is simply better than the one you pictured yourself in."

The Universe—you big, crazy, beautiful, aggravating, humorous, giving, teaching, scary, gracious, circular thing—you were there. I could feel you in my bones, see you in the mountains, finally hear you in the seclusion.

You are always there ~ Jeremiah 1:5

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