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Music Single And Video: Slow & Steady

November 1, 2016

Celebrate with us the release of our latest music single—inspired by motherhood—and the Video That Almost Never Was: Slow & Steady!

I don't know about all of you other moms (parents in general for that matter) but Slow & Steady seems to be my motherhood mantra. It seems to be the only way I can get it all done—managing family and career. Slow & Steady, a new concept for a once impatient, unattached, eager beaver.

Maybe it's because I'm relatively new at this parenting thing. Our babe (on the music single cover) will turn three shortly after the bébé we're carrying is due. Three years at parenting still a novice makes, if you ask me!

Maybe it's because the hubs and I waited so long to get started that we are completely enamored with our family. So much so that everything from careers to hobbies to social lives takes a back seat to it (to her, really). In the words of Aerosmith, "[We] Don't Want to Miss a Thing."

Attempting to wrangle time, live and breathe in the moment, be present with and really see her, everything seems to slow down…except for her growth.

She took her first steps last week, I cried, saw her whole life flash before my eyes. For a little while

she'll be mine, too soon, you're killing me time.

Slow & Steady she goes…

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