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~OCTOBER 28, 2015~

Reflection—Looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearer.

It's hard to believe my journey as an author/singer/songwriter came to fruition five years ago with the release of my first published novel and first full-length album and soundtrack The Boots My Mother Gave Me.

At the time, I didn't know the book and the album would be a compilation project. Looking back, in the words of Morpheus "it couldn't have happened any other way."

With the help of Audible and Wonderland Studios, readers can now enjoy the full experience of the novel and soundtrack together.

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The Boots My Mother Gave Me Audiobook —Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter Finalist

Thank you readers, bloggers, reviewers, and radio, television and print media for embracing the book!

"Brooklyn James' soundtrack to her novel The Boots My Mother Gave Me does more than give a clever feminist twist to the title. Her songs serve as chapters themselves, underlining James' deft ability as a storyteller and songwriter." -Margaret Moser, The Austin Chronicle
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