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Coming Soon!—New Music Single & Video

June 16, 2017

Production on Lay Down My Heart (Song) at Wonderland Studios has wrapped, now to film the video while on hiatus in PA/NY with IAMD Productions!

Yes, the song is a bit of a play on words—LAY down a track (a song) and/or LAY down my heart (pride, ego, all the stuff that gets in the way of the root song of the heart).

TRUST, SURRENDER, ACCEPT—emerging themes in my relatively rookie maternal role. And here I thought I was going to teach them…

Pain's a lesson in disguise

If I would open up my eyes

I would see

It's all meant for me

Surrender, accept all that is and isn't mine

Let it shine

Lay down my heart (song)

Sing it loud your whole life long (song)

Lay down my heart (song)

Tune out the static

Till it's automatic

Lay down my heart…

I have battled my inner "Zen" all my life based on the premise that nothing gets done without hard work and persistence—CONTROL, DO, ACT. It has taken motherhood and birth to convince me that TRUST, SURRENDER, ACCEPT can be just as fruitful. In a move that surely made the cosmic irony goddesses cackle, it would take a planned and midwife-assisted home birth VBAC—un-medicated, un-intervened labor (literal translation "hard work")—for my Zen flag to fly.

I am so very passionate about sharing our journey from a highly-medicalized cesarean to miscarriage to a home birth VBAC in my next book, nonfiction obviously, Born: In The Bed You Were Made.

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